Monday, February 7, 2011

Free and Legit

While my updates have been scarce lately I have not forgotten about this blog. I just have a 3 month old that is my first priority.  Please just bare with me while we get back to order this week.
Thank You!

On that note. I recently joined a community that is big on recycling where they take the old saying "One mans trash is another mans treasure" very seriously. Its called Free Cycle and is part of yahoo groups. I wanted to give it a test run before I said anything about it and while I have not personally gotten anything yet a lot of the postings in my area seem to be very good stuff. ( Recently a lady posted for a free crib and even a sofa and loveseat!)

Its a little like the free section on craigslist but you do have to sign up and at first it does seem a little exclusive.When you go to the website, you search for your area group. Then you register and wait for them to approve your request for membership. Then you have to fill out an email and reply back letting them know why it is you want to join Free Cycle and if you fully understand what it is that they stand for. Once you do that you are in. You will then get emails when people have things up for offer. There is also a way to post for things you or others may want.

From what I have seen so far, its a great concept. I figure the more people the more stuff. With spring cleaning just around the corner we all need somewhere to throw our unwanted items to. This website will enable you to do so without filling our country's dumps!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Controlling your spending.

     Saving money can be quite the challenge when you love shopping as much as I do. Every now and again if I come across what I think is a really good deal its a little hard to control myself. Lately I have been trying to go by a few rules that I have learned:

1. Do I WANT this or do I NEED this?
    Seriously think about it, how many things do we buy just because we want it. If we ask ourselves the
Need VS Want question in the store we are more then likely to cut down on our spending quite a bit.

    When it comes to doing groceries, you obviously need food but how many times do you buy things that end up in the trash because nobody eats it. If there is something new on the market that you are looking to try but are not sure you will like it, go to the companies website and look for a coupon.(If they don't have a coupon on the website call them and tell them you are interested in trying the new product and were wondering if they could send you some coupons) Since its a new product the company will be trying to push the sales so you will more then likely able to find a coupon for it.

2. How long will this last me?
    A more detailed form of this question would be "Will I still have this 4 years from now?" This question especially helps when making big purchases, such as a camera or TV. If you are going to spend a lot of money on something you want to makes sure you get the "bang for your buck"  or get your moneys worth. Even if in 2 years you try to resell you wont make the same amount you paid for it. Is it really worth the loss. To break it down even more...will this still be in working order.

3.Can I find this cheaper somewhere else?
   A few days ago I talked about shopping around for the best price and websites that will help you to find the best price.You don't want to buy something only to find the same thing later for a lot less then what you paid. So make sure what you are paying is what you think you should pay and you are not being overcharged. Remember that a lot of the things you find at stores like Macy's,Target and even Walmart most of the time when they are not sold or have minor defects they then get sent to stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross for a lot less then what you would have paid. So know your prices and don't ever over pay.

4. Do I have or can I find a coupon for this?
   If you think you can find a coupon for it then wait. It's better to save a little then nothing at all. Remember all those little bits you save really add up!

   So the next time you go shopping try these questions out for yourself and see if they work for you. Keep track of how many things you put back on the shelf because you realize you just don't NEED it or you can find it cheaper elsewhere!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Save money on smart!

We all shop around for things online and in stores and we try to do our best to shop around for gas prices. Well here is a link to a website that will do the gas price shopping for you!

Just put in your zip code and you will see the lowest, highest, and the average price for your area. Its a great tool to use so you get the best price! Hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Different kind of coupon

      While printable coupons are great some people may not realize they can save a ton of money just by shopping online. There are a variety of websites that accept online "promo codes". Some promo codes require more digging and others are right in front of your face. Its all about knowing where to go.

          One of the best things about online shopping is being able to compare prices instantly! Saving you time, gas, and money! For those of us with little kids this can be a blessing! Sometimes taking little ones out can feel like you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink (or sometimes even the kitchen sink!). So being able to shop with just the click of a button is great and the online promo codes? Think of them as the added bonus or even "the cherry on top".

         Ive said it once and I will say it again... Google is always your best bet to search for anything and everything. Searching on Google for promo codes has led me to a handful of sites that I love and would recommend to anyone when it comes to price comparisons and finding promo codes. Following is a list of the websites that I use.

Price Comparisons


 Use Price Grabber to quickly get free information about products, services, merchants and sellers before making a purchase. You can search by category or by specific item name.


Bizrate operates just about the same as pricegrabber. But I think it is always good to have more than one website to go to when searching for the best online deals.

* Both Bizrate and Price grabber are my personal Top 2 but there are several other websites that offer price comparisons. Here is an article online comparing a bunch of different ones. This should help you decide which ones to use. (Which comparison shopping site is best?)

Promo Codes and Coupons 


Search for promo codes alphabetically (by website/retailers name) or directly through the sites search bar. Expiring codes are located together with just one click of the mouse as well as codes for free shipping.

*All three sites offer the same thing and have very similar layouts (of course with different designs). They are all in my top just for that reason. When I look at a website I am looking to see if it is easy to navigate and if I can find what I am looking for in a timely manner. These websites fit that to a T.


Recently I found out about a great magazine that offers useful coupons in each monthly issue! I wanted to let everyone know about it so you can start getting it too!

It is called ALL YOU- Enjoy Life for Less.
Right now they are offereing 2 FREE TRIAL Issues of ALL YOU. If you like ALL YOU, you will receive 10 additional issues, 12 in all (1 year) for only $19.90. This includes the cost of the 2 free trial issues. If you don’t want to continue with ALL YOU after the free trial issues, you can simply return your bill marked “cancel” and owe nothing. The cancellation is effective immediately, and any trial issues you receive are yours to keep, FREE!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just A little Inspiration

My Sister In-Law sent me a great email the other day that I felt like I had to share with everyone. It is just too amazing to explain so Ill just show you...

This little girl’s mother is a computer specialist from Helsinki, Finland. While her daughter is soundly asleep, she creates a completely different world … from whatever she can find around her! What a truly fabulous imagination! 




















Monday, January 24, 2011

In need of entertainment

A friend of mine mentioned to me this weekend that she is running out of things to keep her 2 boys entertained when TV is off limits. I couldn't help but come up with a list of ideas in my head. As someone that loves crafts I completely feel that kids should start crafting at an early age. It teaches them to use the imagination and creativity. While crafting is great there are tons of other things you can do with them from baking to even just reading a book. Its never to early to teach your kids to love reading! Here is a list of the ideas I came up with to keep kids busy and learning:

Crafting : Oriental Trading has tons of great crafting projects that you can go with your kids. It all ranges in prices but sometimes you can find some great art projects that are on sale. Sometimes you don't even have to order it, just get the idea and you might be able to find similar things around the house that you can turn into a great art project (Oriental Trading). You might even want to try current catalog. Sometimes they have fun things for kids (Current Catalog).  If you don't want to order things online you can always check out your local craft shop.

Reading: Find a book to read to them this will help develop their language skills and maybe even teach them new words. If you are feeling adventurous try acting out the book. Let them dress up and pick the character they want to play, get the whole family involved. Definitely a great thing to do to help develop their imagination. If you do this right before bed time it might even get them to sleep faster by them using up all their energy!

Cooking: With kids sometimes Google can be your best friend. If you go onto Google and search for kid-friendly recipes your bound to find more links then you know what to do with! There is even a recipe to make play-dough. When you are making dinner for the family you might even have something that you can put your child to do that will help you out and get them involved. You would be surprised to find how happy they feel knowing that they helped create something!  Kraft has a great section on their website called "Kids can Cook" ( you can go there for some great ideas to start off with. 

Board Games: When you go to the store there are tons of board games to play with kids. The best part is the games have the age range right on the box so there is no guess work. This is an easy way to keep kids entertained without too much thinking. I remember as a kid we had game night on Fridays and we would sit down as a family and play a board game. Family time should be fun and its up to you to make it fun! If choosing a game in-store seems a little daunting. Take a few minutes to go online and research what other moms suggest. Store websites like Target,Walmart, and even Toys R' Us have product reviews from people who have purchased the item already to help guide you to the right decision.

Do yourself a favor and don't use the TV as a babysitter. The best thing for you and your child is to spend time together. Make memories that will last and enjoy them while they are young. We all know how fast they grow up. Doesn't it feel like just yesterday that we were in their spot.