Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Save money on gas...be smart!

We all shop around for things online and in stores and we try to do our best to shop around for gas prices. Well here is a link to a website that will do the gas price shopping for you!


Just put in your zip code and you will see the lowest, highest, and the average price for your area. Its a great tool to use so you get the best price! Hope you enjoy!


  1. That is so cool! Saving money on gas!

    Speaking of... I went to this local gas station, and apparently they were giving away BOGO ski passes for 10+ gallons of gas. Some guy approached me, and I'm no skier, so he bought my BOGO ski pass for $10.

    The one time a gas station brought joy to me... $10 free haha.

  2. Thanks for this! With gas above $3 (yet again), this will come in handy for many people, such as myself.

  3. wow cool i didnt know such a site existed i will definitely start using this


  4. Thanks this will be a helpful blog!!


  5. thans for the helpful link

    looking forward to some more from you

  6. there's an app for android phones that does this, too! i'm learning about stacking coupons, which is another money-saving tip

  7. Oh, thanks a lot, but a little too late for me. I got rid of my car and use public transport now. I was using subway and buses even before, so my car was just standing around and loosing value ...