Monday, February 7, 2011

Free and Legit

While my updates have been scarce lately I have not forgotten about this blog. I just have a 3 month old that is my first priority.  Please just bare with me while we get back to order this week.
Thank You!

On that note. I recently joined a community that is big on recycling where they take the old saying "One mans trash is another mans treasure" very seriously. Its called Free Cycle and is part of yahoo groups. I wanted to give it a test run before I said anything about it and while I have not personally gotten anything yet a lot of the postings in my area seem to be very good stuff. ( Recently a lady posted for a free crib and even a sofa and loveseat!)

Its a little like the free section on craigslist but you do have to sign up and at first it does seem a little exclusive.When you go to the website, you search for your area group. Then you register and wait for them to approve your request for membership. Then you have to fill out an email and reply back letting them know why it is you want to join Free Cycle and if you fully understand what it is that they stand for. Once you do that you are in. You will then get emails when people have things up for offer. There is also a way to post for things you or others may want.

From what I have seen so far, its a great concept. I figure the more people the more stuff. With spring cleaning just around the corner we all need somewhere to throw our unwanted items to. This website will enable you to do so without filling our country's dumps!



  1. Very cool, might have to check it out!

  2. this will be great for when i move, thank you!

  3. I just found about the site yesterday, and while they offers are pretty scarce in my area, other ones had some pretty cool offers. So Free Cycle definitely has some potential.

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